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The trick to finding the cheapest stock photo is to know how many photos you need each month. Once you can determine that, you will be able to do some simple arithmetic to figure out which solution is better for your businessís budget. If you ever need any help figuring out the best stock photo solution for you, please contact me today. Iíll be glad to go over your options with you. Find more info on get your istock promo code here.

WHAT IS STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY? - Images that are not photographed for a specific client or use, but are catalogued for review and selection by someone who may have a use for the image. As an Architectural & Stock photographer, I produce images for five major internet based Picture Libraries.

Each Library supplying highly competitive markets that satisfy advertisers, publishers, printers and designers. With over 9,300 picture sales to date, I am looking to add to my portfolio of my top selling images. Photographic images that, as a rule, show the property at its finest Ė and on the rare occasion, when asked, at its worst. Either way I attempt to capture the true splendour of each architectural structure .